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Coding / Programming
FTP Issues

What programming languages does Domain Host support?

Domain Host support the following programming languages across different hosting platforms.

CGI / Perl
Java Applets / Tomcat
ColdFusion MX
Includes (SSI)
FrontPage Extensions 2002

What databases does Domain Host allow?

On our Windows 2000/2003 servers we support Access 2000+ and MS SQL Server. On our Unix server we support MySQL.

Does Domain Host support online credit card processing?

Domain Host has the following online payment gateways installed:

CamTech Java Server
Westpac - Thin Link
St George

What is FTP?

FTP stands for File Transfer Protocol. Its the method used to transfer files from one computer to another. This is usually the way you would upload your web site to our servers. If you do not have an FTP software, have a look at our links area from the above menu.

What are my FTP settings?

Once you sign up for a hosting plan. We will send you your FTP details.

These are sample settings that should be used:

Ftp host name:
Username: username
Password: password

If you are having any problems connecting to our FTP servers please contact us.

I have uploaded my files but I can't see my site. Why?

2 possible reasons. The first is that you have not uploaded your files to the correct area of the ftp directories. When you FTP into the server, check to see if you are in the correct directory. You will see either www directory or httpdocs directory. You must upload to one of these directories

The second reason is that you have not deleted our index.html file and your homepage is called something different. It is always recommended to name you homepage index.html.

Does Domain Host support SSL Secure Server?

Yes, Domain Host can host both your own SSL certificate or we can allow you to share our SSL certificate.

What servers does domain host use?

Domain Host uses rack optimised HP/Compaq, Dell and While Boxes running Windows 2000/2003 and Redhat Linux to give the best range of packages available in today's markets.

What is the minimum hosting contract period?

At Domain Host, we are so confident with our support and service that we do not tie you down for any period of time. Domain Host has a month to month contact period.

Do you charge a fee for transferring a domain name to Domain Host?

No. Domain Host does not charge any fees for transferring your domain name to us.

Will there we any downtime when transferring my domain name to Domain Host?

Let domain host take care of your domain name transfer so that we can use our expertise to minimise any downtime. In most cases there will be absolutely no downtime.

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